our tasting notes from the 68TH Speyburn Tasting

here are our impressions...

Originalbottling 10y 40%

Nose: The nose immediately reveals a refreshing acidity, followed by an invigorating freshness. With time, enticing scents of vanilla, herbs and delicate dry wood unfold. Finally, the unmistakable hint of delicious canned fruit joins in. The aromas are harmoniously interwoven.
Mouth: On the palate, it opens sweetly and then develops into a pleasant dryness, which is accompanied by a distinct pepper note in the second impression. Notes of creamy custard, seductive crème brûlée and a hint of pastry caress the palate before the taste sensations return to the delicious tinned fruit.
Conclusion: Overall, this whisky is extremely tasty and a most uncomplicated pleasure for the palate.

Morisco Spirits Marble Collection,12y 55,2%

Nose:The first impression on the nose delights with a beguiling scent of lovage and a stimulating blend of sweet and sour nuances. This is gently accompanied by tantalising cake batter and the characteristic pear note that sets Speyburn apart. Clove spice and the wonderful presence of bourbon barrel aromas complete this olfactory experience.
Mouth:: In the taste, too, the wonderful pear is perceived with great clarity. This whisky unfolds a youthful and untamed vitality, accompanied by a spirited spiciness dominated by peppery notes and tart-sweet herbs. A delicate smoky note and a subtle hint of sulphur give it a unique sophistication. On the finish, it surprises with a hint of wasabi spiciness that invigorates the senses. The addition of water reveals its changeable nature and makes it noticeably sweeter. Finally, a delicate, dry tobacco flavour develops on the finish.
Conclusion: This whisky may have some unroundness, but it carries the distillery's unmistakable character and with water it reveals itself to be considerably transformable and wonderfully sweet.

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