Our Projects

The Speyburn-Clan Bottling

Of course, an own bottling is always something special for whisk(e)y enthusiasts. Whisky is a quiet, relaxing hobby. It is characterized by stories, myths, passion, humility, enjoyment, and of course, friendship. Therefore it is no problem for us as a clan to wait and give the whisky the time it needs... On the other hand, we Maltheads are also curious. We like to discover new things, experiment with flavors (e.g., maturing in different types of casks).
Multiple efforts to contact the distillery directly or indirectly unfortunately failed. The way over independent bottlers was also not crowned with success until finally, a companioned German independent bottler could snag a cask of Speyburn. However, our whiskey is currently still resting and maturing until we think it is so far, and the whisky can be bottled.
So at the beginning of the year, the idea was born to bridge the waiting time and release our own Highland Single Malt Whisky. The Whiskykanzler has helped us with the realization of our first own bottling. The Speyburn Clan Germany proudly presents its first official bottling: Granty Burn!