Our Projects

The Speyburn-Clan Museum

Every whisk(e)y connoisseur knows this, you grab a bottle of Uisge Beatha (water of life), marvel at the beautiful label, find out about the background of a bottling (if available), decapsulate the bottle full of pleasant anticipation and pour yourself a dram of the whisk(e)y... After some time, which can sometimes take a very long time, finally, only a last drop of the liquid gold remains in the bottle. So after the last sip has also been enjoyed, an empty bottle remains. But this is not just a piece of empty glass. It is a witness of the past whose contents embodied a work of craftsmanship and gave one much pleasure and leisure. You can't just put something like that in the trash and throw it away. Especially if you invest as much time and heart, and soul in the search for bottlings as we do. So it finally happened that OdinNord surprised us one day with an idea and vision. The Speyburn Clan Museum was born, including a first-class museum director: OdinNord! Here the Speyburn bottlings emptied by us (and with our friends) get a new home. They are all witnesses of the past of the clan's history, but the museum is not only a "bottle shrine". It is also a place of gathering, of communication, of togetherness. Entrance Fee: 1 Beer.