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the tasting notes from the 13th Speyburn Tasting

Original Bottling 10y, 40%, Bottling for Portugal, gebottled 2000

Nose: again an atypical 10y, compared to the current one. Lovely nose, soft, apple, lots of OBF, a bit reserved, boner wax, coconut, pomade. Doughy, a bit rancid, yellow fruits and a heavy sweetness from the base, somehow 'gassy'. Very velvety and delicate, surprisingly, sultanas take the lead ( never had it like this with Speyburn ), then a mix of pear, ripe apple and peach, some pepper and baking powder.
Mouth: here it conjures up some dust, old furniture, that's how it smelled in great-grandma's parlour, dry, very light pepper in the finish, tinned peaches, changes remarkably often in the air. Many types of spices emerge in the nose. Aftertaste becomes dry as dust, the slight sweetness remains.
Conclusion: And again, we find out: the old 10y bottlings are all cool!

Original Bottling, 10y, 40% „cl“ und „ %“ in Gold

Nose: straight OBF !! Full pipe! Vanilla, knotweed, metallic, acidic, oak, light greenness, an enveloping hint of sherry, very flattering, mild and mellow and that in an absolutely positive sense. And lemon tea. Lemon balm.
Mouth: a plank on the tongue, dude. He's incredible, mild, delicious, woody, vanilla, cake batter, pepper, an astonishing array of flavours, peppermint bubblegum, by the gods, he's delicious! Slightly tingling. A delicate, light pepper note. Aftertaste such a beautiful OBF, light, dry, spicy.
Conclusion: like the one before: And again, we find out: the old 10y bottlings are all cool!

Original Bottling Companion Cask, USA only, Single Barrel 404, Ace Cask, 46

The well-travelled Companion Cask. More than 18,000 km until it was divided up and landed with each of us. The eco-balance of this one is atrocious.

Nose:That's it, the Speyburn pear of modern times! A white wine note, Chardonnay, green grapes, pomace, grassy, vanilla, white sugar, malt, glazed pears, marshmallow, white oak, some cinnamon with a hint of coconut flakes. Quite a lot for such a cheap broth.
Mouth: sweet, Hubabuba bubblegum, pear, pepper, plastic, wine, semolina porridge, 46%? Not noticeable, smooth as butter. Still strange leg notes, from metallic. Aftertaste: relatively short.
Conclusion: The modern Companion Cask, a bit like the smooth, faceless hipster zombies who all look the same and no longer have any ideas of their own.

Original Bottling 18y American & Spanish Oak 2000 – 2018, 46%

Nose: Maggie without end, and magic too, fatwood, polish, pickled plum, the icing on the cake.
Mouth: Yes, that's right, that's what a velvety plum tastes like. Nice wood note, oak barrels from Spain have been used. Some cinnamon, a bit like Christmas whisky, in May. Someone says mulled wine. Salt is there, quite distinct.
Conclusion: The 18y has something of the single cask at drinking strength with a little more maturity. Buttery, but getting a little dry. Long and nice.

A.D. Rattray, 9y Bourbon Hogshead, 51,5%

Nose: beautiful bourbon monster, cake batter, sultanas, seawater, toffee, custard, then floral notes. We are rebels, friends, brothers, and we are the Speyburn Clan.
Mouth: On the tongue, first sweet, then salty, nicely playful, plus cake batter, bourbon, wood, vanilla, Classic refill hogshead. Plus the Speyburn pear, spices. A couple of us are groping naked by now. Plastic, absolutely. Acrylic and solvents, but capped by sweetness. With water, even more toffee, even sweeter.
Conclusion: Long, but not end-pleasing. Nice, but not "particularly" stable, is the appropriate word. Nice liberating tasting!

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