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the tasting notes from the 15th Speyburn Tasting

SMWS 88.18 2009 9y 52,9%

Usually, we take a little longer to plan a tasting, but a special event gave T75 the idea to have a very short, small tasting. So! Unfortunately, not all clan members will probably attend, but one must celebrate the festivities as they fall. Our lineup representative will not be able to be there today, so T75 has decided on the spur of the moment what will be drunk today.

Nose: Dry wood and clean pear, vinegar, rusk, oatmeal, cereal, fruity, Very tangy fresh the Buddy, dry wood but no oak, more so going into softwood/softwood, mountain pine, tingly on the nose, better than the last of the SMWS, the nose comes across more balanced, with a bit more time in the glass comes lime and tangerine and mint, metallic, baking powder has the nose and vanilla biscuits.
Mouth: Slow start, 52.9% you hardly notice, nice sweetness, pepper follows later, just yummy and awesome, Something nutty and in return gummy wine bears, Fat vanilla snail with white pepper and icing, water and some Maggi rises in the nose, rich SMWS punch, neat malty, plenty of cereals, a bit of ginger and wax and at the back an idea of wine gum, the white gummy bears somehow, vanilla baking powder, metallic, with water it comes out much more solid in the nose too, with water it tastes much better, the dry wood note comes out great. Finish: long and warm
Conclusion: as befits his age: young and impetuous, but tasty.

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