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the tasting notes from the 33th Speyburn Tasting

Hart Brothers 8y 9/2011 - 11/ 2019 46%

Nose: Right at the start, there is hay and vanilla on, then wet wood. Some cardamom and a hint of caraway. Sour pear peel and a red apple. Not convincing, but summery. Premature, in other words, this Whisky seems too young.
Mouth: Something musty appears on the palate with the first sip. In addition, it tastes grassy, slightly sticky. The 46% are perfect. The % spice up the Whisky a little and provide a little pepper. In the background, there is warm apple pie, but unfortunately only very subtle. Not a typical Speyburn note. Therefore, the nose is left behind as arbitrary. The second and third sips are actually a bit better and hint at a little shortcrust pastry.
Conclusion: So far, we only know good whisky from Hart Brothers. This is not one of them.

Coopers Choice 10y 2009 -2020 Calvados finish 53%

Nose: A creamy sweetness and powdered sugar await us. That's more of a Speyburn compared to the Hart Brothers. Sweetwood, apricot, musk round off the nose. If you inhale very deeply, you can guess Calvados. Very ripe blackberries in the sun and cotton candy and vanilla sugar can also be found in the highly lush nose.
Mouth: aged (OBF), wealthy, smooth taste and texture. At least at the beginning. Then drying out very quickly. Overall tasty. In fact, we find Calvados here in the taste and followed by dry wood with a bit of pear, ginger and almonds.
Conclusion: A well-done Calvados finish. With this finish, we have a slightly different Speyburn in front of us. Towards the end, the sweetness lasts a little too long. Nonetheless, a clean whisky that is quick and easy to drink away.
Pear beats apple - still a nice, round, flavorful Speyburn.

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