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the tasting notes from the 47th Speyburn Tasting

Original Bottling 10y 1995-2005 (Bottle Code L5 180 S10 08:07 05/03236)

Nose: cA fantastic start with a basket of herbs, spicy acidity, slightly fruity and at the same time waxy. Menthol follows in time, clearing the nose. This is followed by shower gel with a floral note, plus a mixture of ozone and chlorine. OBF is sought in vain. Overall, little of the typical Speyburn pear.
Mouth:Here, too, the delicious herbs and yet some OBF, pepper, oily, sweet wood. Not much more to be found. With a few drops of water come more OBF, ginger and apricots, which makes the dram much better.
Conclusion: This whisky is quite tasty, but only when water is added. The sweetness comes at the very end. The nose reflects the taste.

Douglas Laing Premium Barrel Speyburn 8y 46%

Nose: Right at the beginning, we have caramel and pear, smells really greasy, solid and robust. Acidity is like from yoghurt drops, a lot of wood, some salt, white wine. With time it becomes fresher and smells of mint.
Mouth: Here, we have a lovely start, soft and round; it tingles like sparkling wine at the back. Pear with vanilla custard. With water, the dram becomes brutal vanilla sweet and is overall very oily. A nice fennel note is added. Still peppery and spicy in the aftertaste.
Conclusion: We would never have expected this sweetness, but this is a very dangerous whisky with water.

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