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the tasting notes from the 54th Speyburn Tasting

Berry Broth. & Rudd for Scyfion Choice (Ucraina), 10y, 46%

Nose: initially "rough", full of pear, reminiscent of the typical UA bottlings, gets herbs, nutty, almonds, chocolate, floral shower gel.
Mouth: light fruits, lots of licorice (liquorice), sour at the end, sour note of white wine.
Conclusion: The body is thin. He could do with more volume.

Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice 1974, 40%

Nose: OBF, wax, pear, cake batter, yellow fruits, tart plums and honey, elegant, fine aromas of old days
Mouth: Soft light fruity attack, then dry wood, manadarine, fresh yeast dough, plums, white pepper, hints of espresso. Overall it mirrors the nose, comforting and satisfying, surprisingly yeasty
Conclusion: a beautiful Speyburn from the olden days

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