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the tasting notes from the 55th Speyburn Tasting

Alambic Classique 12y 51,8%

Nose: Pear, Mint, Oak, Salt, English Gum, Vanilla, Sweetness, Caramelized Icing Sugar, Kiwi Gooseberry.
Mouth: Surprisingly round and soft, velvety, followed by a peppery spiciness, some plastic, sweet and salty at the same time, rhubarb compote, vanilla sauce, oak, honey on the palate, sour syrupy, water makes it tart, herbs, pepper , cut green, reminiscent of mead.
Conclusion: Beautiful drinking whiskey with slight rough edges

SMWS 88.26 "Season Of Mists And Mellow Fruitfulness" 12y 53,3%

Nose: Glue, butter, cake batter, caramel, coconut, vanilla, cheesy, some peppery, chestnut, green walnuts, pear compote, detergent/soap,
Mouth: peppery cake batter, vanilla, raisins, dry, oak, significantly sweeter with water, thick, powdered sugar, menthol, nougat, berries,
Conclusion: After an unspectacular nose, this one surprises on the palate. Here you have to see what amount of water is the right one. One to try.

SMWS 88.27 "Mango con chile and mint choc chip" 12y 54%

Nose: Orange, vanilla, honey, oak, mentos, perfume, sour haribo cords
Mouth: Pepper/chilli, wood, oily, mango, preferably without water, water takes away everything that makes it special, pretzels.
Conclusion:A dram unsuitable for water. The oily mango (slightly soapy) is terrific.

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