our tasting notes from the 63TH Speyburn Tasting

here are our impressions...

Red Plaid, Rare Old, without age statement, 3/4 Litri 43%

Red Plaid, Rare Old is an amazing creation that delights with its noble character and irresistible charisma. With its shimmering red-golden colour, it immediately invites you to taste it and promises a truly special experience.
Nose: A fascinating interplay of aromas unfolds on the nose, enchanting the senses. One is greeted by fermented mirabelle plum and the inviting scent of sourdough, while the delicate notes of gingerbread spice and cinnamon delight the palate. Gentle nuances of pineapple and the subtle presence of glue wood and spruce add depth to this masterpiece, while plums and pears add a fruity accent.
Mouth: On the palate, Red Plaid, Rare Old presents itself as versatile as on the nose, but with a light texture. Despite its delicate texture, it opens with a slightly spicy introduction that gently awakens the taste buds. The creamy sweetness of forest honey provides a pleasant complexity and adds an enticing harmony to the pleasure. Adding a touch of water, a subtle lovage note unfolds, further enriching the taste experience.The aftertaste of this exceptional drop is short, but nevertheless leaves a delicate impression that awakens the desire for more. It is a fleeting moment of pleasure that subtly lingers in the memory.
Conclusion: All in all, Red Plaid, Rare Old is a truly remarkable creation that, despite its age, carries the spirit of youth and vivacity. Like the brave knight of the coconut, it may have no arms or legs, but its character and expressiveness are a true triumph for the senses.

Coopers Choise Port Wood finish, Cask 8872, 56%, 420 Bottles

Coopers Choice Port Wood Finish is a fascinating distillate that delights with its exceptional personality and captivating presence. The pink-copper colour gives it a touch of elegance and promises an experience that will fill the senses.
Nose: From the very first breath, one is enveloped by a multi-layered array of aromas. The scent of yeast and a hint of pepper attracts attention and arouses curiosity. A light note of strawberries adds a seductive freshness to the bouquet, while the subtle hint of sulphur and glue adds a certain complexity. Over time, a subtle, cheesy character develops, taking the overall experience to another level.
Mouth: On the palate, Coopers Choice Port Wood Finish unfolds as an uncompromising taste experience that boasts intensity and character. The presence of sulphur and yeast gives it a distinctive identity, while a pleasant spiciness intensifies the adventure. The generous presence of port gives the distillate an opulent sweetness and adds depth. A subtle bitterness rounds out the flavour profile and adds a certain sophistication.
Conclusion: Coopers Choice Port Wood Finish is a true boundary-pusher that splits the taste palette of connoisseurs. Some find it undeniably delicious and appreciate its unique composition, while others may be less convinced by it. But even with all the attention and devotion given to this drop, it doesn't really seem to be able to develop its full potential in the end. Nevertheless, Coopers Choice Port Wood Finish remains a fascinating and challenging distillate that will intrigue those who embark on its adventure with its strangeness and individuality. It is a daring companion that seeks the unusual and confidently embarks on unknown paths.

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