our tasting notes from the 64TH Speyburn Tasting

here are our impressions...

Original Bottling 16y to celebrate 125th Anniversary 2023 52,6%

We delve into the world of Speyburn 16 Year, an outstanding anniversary bottling that enchants the senses with its rich aroma and luscious taste. This exceptional whisky is a tribute to 125 years of tireless dedication and masterful craftsmanship.
Nose: The nose is caressed by sweet aromas that evoke memories of Lübeck marzipan bread, tantalising toffee and the seductive flavour of rum balls. Overripe yellow fruits mingle with the beguiling scent of malagarosins and a hint of cumin. A delicate note of pear gives the composition a fruity freshness.
Mouth: The taste unfolds with an oily texture that coats the palate. A rich pepper influence awakens the senses and makes the heart beat faster with joy. At the same time, the sweet taste of candyfloss joins caramelised brown sugar to tantalise the palate. A hint of paradise apple adds a distinctive fruitiness, while menthol gives a refreshing clarity. The finish is marked by forest honey and warmed pine nuts that wrap the whisky in a warm, long-lasting kiss goodbye.
Conclusion: Speyburn's 125th anniversary bottling is truly worthy of such a milestone. It embodies the essence of tradition, passion and incomparable taste. A distillery masterpiece that takes the pleasure of enjoyment to a new level. Raise a glass with us and celebrate the fascinating history surrounding this exceptional whisky with every sip of this bottling. Cheers!

Douglas of Drumlanrig Speyburn 10y Cask 11516 46%

Nose: At first sniff, the aromas open up like a secret in the glass. A seductive blend of juicy pear and sweet vanilla envelops the senses. But then, like a soft whisper, a delicate note of mint blends in to enliven the bouquet. The herbaceous spiciness and the scent of fresh grain add an earthy depth. An interesting discovery is the hint of doughy character, reminiscent of freshly baked biscuits. But it is the surprising impact of sorrel that beguiles the nose with a refreshing and unexpected note.
Mouth: The first sip is a revelation, an explosion of spicy flavours that conquer the palate. Hints of pepper and tart herbs give the whisky a powerful presence. But then things get interesting - like a gentle hammer blow numbing the senses, the spice diminishes in intensity and gives way to a subtle bluntness. The sweetness is only tentatively present, but it shows up in the form of delicate forest honey, which lends a natural elegance to the whole. When water is added to the whisky, it unfolds a whole new dimension. The honey becomes more pronounced and sweeter, while the oak notes gain depth. This whisky tolerates a lot of water and rewards the explorer with a long-lasting taste of ripe pears until the end.
Conclusion: The Douglas of Drumlanrig Speyburn 10y is a veritable vault of taste buds. Its unassuming exterior belies the complexity and finesse that lies in every nuance. The enticing aromas of pear, vanilla and mint on the nose set the palate up for an exciting taste trip. The bold spice and surprising bluntness are a bold contrast to the delicate sweetness of the forest honey. But it is this whisky's ability to play with water and transform that makes it a true masterpiece. This whisky stands its pear and proves that you should never be fooled by appearances.

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