our tasting notes from the 65TH Speyburn Tasting

here are our impressions...

Old Malt Cask 14y 3/2007 - 2/2022 50%

Nose: The first impression of the nose is simply stunning. A sweet hint of pears and fermented fruit brandy unfolds, accompanied by a subtle sherry aroma that is not sharp but pleasant and balanced. You are caressed by an enticing scent of fudge, caramel and sage, accompanied by a subtle nuance of herbs. The juicy oak presence adds remarkable depth to the nose, while the hint of rusty sherry adds a very special sweetness..
Mouth: a spicy opening of white pepper hits your senses, followed by a dry oak presence that enchants the palate. The combination of dark chocolate marzipan and a hint of glue gives the flavour a unique complexity and an appealing depth.If you add a few drops of water to the whisky, you will be rewarded. The sweetness intensifies and the wood comes even more to the fore. The taste becomes fuller and a rich, spicy character fills the palate. A wonderful aroma of nuts unfolds, accompanied by a successful sherry influence that delights the senses. The finish is slightly bitter, but in a pleasant way that perfectly rounds off the woody notes
Conclusion: The Old Malt Cask Speyburn 14 Years is a simple representative that unfolds its strengths primarily in the nose. But it also convinces in the taste with a pleasant variety of flavours. This whisky offers an all-round positive taste experience and will certainly take the hearts of lovers of sweet, spicy and woody notes by storm.

McNeil´s Choice Super Port 53%

Nose: The nose reveals a smoky note, accompanied by hints of vinegar and port. The bouquet initially appears very closed, similar to an Ardmore, but with a little more smoke. In addition, nuances of herbal sweets can be detected, comparable to a market stall offering a multitude of different varieties.
Mouth: The first sip reveals a pleasant warmth accompanied by sweet smoke, with the added Caol Ila taking a dominant role. With the addition of water, an additional sweetness develops, while the smoke remains present. The taste becomes more complex, with herbaceous smoke that also seems very closed. Once again, the clear dominance of Caol Ila can be recognised here, accompanied by a discreet note of sulphur.
Conclusion: Cask remains put together to make a bottling - you can do that. But you don't have to..

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