our tasting notes from the 68TH Speyburn Tasting

here are our impressions...

Originalbottling 1978-1999 21y 58,8%

Nose: The nose of this enchanting Speyburn opens up a fascinating bouquet that floods the room. The gentle scent of fine tobacco and the sweet hint of sherry dance harmoniously together, followed by a lovely round dance of rose petals and the sensual promise of rum sultanas. The sweet fig blends smoothly with an earthy flavour, while nuances of lovage and a slight acidity enrich the olfactory adventure. A hint of blackberry rounds off the nose, exuding a joyful freshness.
Mouth: The flavour of this whisky unfolds with a powerful elegance on the tongue. The deep presence of tobacco is accompanied by a spicy pepper note that gently caresses the palate. A hint of velvet lends the mouthfeel a velvety texture, while the noble oak presents its robust personality. Herbs dance in a sophisticated duet with menthol, and together they form a delicious melody on the flavour palette. A harmonious interplay.
Conclusion: Fantastic

Edition Spirits 16y 55%

Nose:This whisky presents a diverse range of flavours on the nose. Fruity nuances of gooseberry and sweet cake batter mingle with a hint of acidity. The sweetness, reminiscent of vanilla and marzipan, lends the bouquet a certain balance. Grassy notes, light lime and chalk as well as a waxy texture can also be recognised
Mouth: The creamy texture continues on the palate, accompanied by subtle nuances of lovage. Unfortunately, however, a slightly unpleasant sourness emerges, which detracts from the overall flavour. The gooseberry with meringue loses some of its charming sweetness here and is accompanied by an unusual, less appealing flavour profile. A hint of wax and marzipan remains in the finish, but this is overshadowed by the previously perceived sourness.
Conclusion: Overall, this whisky presents itself as an interesting but not necessarily balanced flavour experience

Hunter Laing 16y 50%

Nose:The rich notes of sherry-soaked oak dominate the nose, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The herbal flavours add a refreshing complexity to the bouquet, while the sweetness of honey and apple juice creates a pleasant balance. The freshness of the oak and the light acidity create an interesting dynamic, supported by subtle elements such as sultanas, lovage, menthol or eucalyptus and fennel.
Mouth: The presence of oak is particularly evident in the flavour, giving the whisky a robust character. The combination of a cough drop with honey and an herbal tea extract conveys a harmonious blend of sweetness and herbs. The dryness, accompanied by black tea and oily elements, intensifies the flavour experience. The tart cherry note brings a refreshing fruitiness that adds another layer to the overall flavour. The addition of water reveals additional facets, including subtle notes of plastic, pepper and bitter almond.
Conclusion: Exciting whisky that is fun to drink. Although, in our opinion, it has been in the cask for too long.

Originalbottling 1977-2004 25y 62,5%

Nose:The nose of this whisky is a fascinating journey through time. The beguiling aroma of tobacco, paired with the charming "old bottle flavour", takes us straight back to days long gone. Herbs and wax lend the bouquet a profound complexity, while the oak and subtle smoke add a subtle yet present character. The sweet overripeness of the pear and the refreshing acidity of the gooseberry create a harmonious balance. The leather and the hint of fat complete the nose with an unrivalled depth, as if you were lost in an old bookshelf.
Mouth: The flavour of this whisky reveals an impressive intensity. The pepper is powerful and spicy, giving the palate a pleasant sharpness. The dryness underlines the elegance of the whisky and continues the same intriguing flavours already detected on the nose. The addition of water not only enhances the pepper, but also gives the whisky a tart and dry note that deepens the complexity even further.
Conclusion: A real pleasure

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