our tasting notes from the 69TH Speyburn Tasting

here are our impressions...

Originalbottling Bradan Orach (2015) 40%

Nose: At the first sip, Bradan envelops our senses with an unmistakable aroma of green banana. Nuances of beer from the fermentation vat and New Make then unfold, accompanied by a distinctive oak note and delicate citrus flavours. After a short resting period and intensive development in the glass, vanilla, maple syrup and pear finally reveal themselves, which together create a beguiling aroma that skilfully sways back and forth between sweet and fresh facets.
Mouth: The flavour of Bradan opens gently and fruity, only to be quickly infused with white pepper. The pear flavours lend it an expressive sweetness and make it extremely pleasant to drink. The finish reveals subtle nuances of liquorice, wood and yeast, which round off the overall experience in an elegant way.
Conclusion: This single malt presents itself as an enchanting, light journey for the senses that literally invites you not only to linger over a single sip, but also to allow yourself to experience several consecutive moments of pleasure.

Originalbottling 10y 1Liter 43%

Nose:This exceptional wine opens its symphony of flavours with an enchanting bouquet that is infused with a seductive hint of orange blossom honey and OBF. A veritable concert of fragrances unfolds with nuances of fresh apple juice, juicy pear and a fine pinch of oak that harmoniously accompany the olfactory experience. A subtle note of glue lends the whole a fascinating depth, while the quintessence of quince and even more pear fragrance adds a particularly fruity and extremely ripe facet to the overall picture. The hint of old wood, the scent of a dusty bookshelf and the spicy presence of thyme give the malt not only a fruity sweetness, but also a remarkable depth.
Mouth: A sweet, slightly dusty attack unfolds on the palate, bringing with it a hint of dryness. The orange blossom-honey-OBF aroma previously perceived on the nose unfolds here again in full splendour. The experience is like an indulgent dessert wine, enhanced by a subtle hint of thyme.
Conclusion: The drinkability of this whisky is downright enchanting, although its finish is rather short. It would not be advisable to finish it with a few drops of water, as this would not do justice to its character. In its pure form, this dangerously tempting, older 10-year-old Speyburn presents itself as a true temptation, inviting you not only to linger over the first sip, but also to continue to be seduced by its fascinating flavour profile.

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