our tasting notes from the 69TH Speyburn Tasting

here are our impressions...

Originalbottling 10 years 40%

Nose: At first nosing, a gentle breeze envelops us, reminiscent of the typical Speyburn pear, but more like from a tin - sweetish, but with a hint of artificiality. The air is filled with a delicate scent of vanilla cream, which gradually blends with an oaky character. There is a slight acidity in the air, but this is balanced by the fruity note. A hint of herbs and floral nuances round off the overall picture and gently awaken the senses.
Mouth: : The first sip glides effortlessly over the tongue without offering any resistance. Dry and bittersweet, a true pleasure unfolds, making this whisky an ideal companion for beginners. It opens the door to a variety of flavours that go well with a cosy afternoon of coffee and cake. The flavour palette is broad, but by no means overwhelming, and leaves a mild, creamy impression on the palate. Nevertheless, there is a lack of depth in the alcohol content, which gives this whisky a certain lightness.Unfortunately, the pleasure is short-lived, as the aftertaste evaporates quickly, like the breath of a delicate song drifting away on the wind.
Conclusion: a wonderful all day dram, especially in summer

G&M Connoisseurs Choice - Cask Strength 14 years 59,1%

Nose:At first glass, this whisky appears closed, but with patience it reveals its depth. The alcohol is well integrated, enveloped in heavy vanilla, like a perfectly caramelised crème brûlée. A sweet warmth rises, accompanied by a hint of warm sugar and the tantalising scent of wax and ripe blackberries. Coconut and gooseberries mingle with the seductive flavour of caramel and honey, which gradually unfolds into a maple syrup flair.
Mouth: At the first sip, a tart, woody sensation unfolds, accompanied by a tingling pepper. The texture is oily, almost greasy, coated in a light spiciness that tickles the tongue. A sweetish cereal note dances in the background, while a peculiar note of cardboardiness or a hint of cork nestles in - an unexpected yet interesting facet that adds a certain complexity to the whisky. It is clear that a masterful maturation in a REFILL bourbon cask has taken place here, complemented by a hint of mint. Gooseberries and a tart fruit zest create an exciting contrast, accompanied by a slightly furry, almost mushroomy quality.Even with water, the nose remains stable, but becomes even more bitter before quickly mellowing, giving a further insight into the complexity of this whisky. The finish is remarkably long and pleasant, a real pleasure that lingers on the tongue long after the last sip.
Conclusion: a pure pleasure.

G&M Connoisseurs Choice - Cask Strength 14 years 60,5%

Nose:The nose greets you with a multi-layered blend of the dark side of bourbon maturation, reminiscent of dusty old oak, interspersed with juniper berries and a hint of caramel. The flavours are initially closed, but soon break through - like light making its way through thick clouds. Star fruit and grassiness give it a certain freshness, while a hint of icing sugar and herbal punch add a nostalgic note. But beware, the alcohol stings a little on the nose.
Mouth: The taste reveals a gentle smokiness that wraps around the tongue like a cloak, accompanied by leather and earthy notes reminiscent of a walk through an autumnal forest. A hint of mustiness from an old chest of drawers mingles with the flavour of wood and a sharp kick of pepper. With a splash of water, the whisky softens a little and reveals more of its sweet core - caramel and intense pear notes push forward, but accompanied by a more tart note and the unmistakable flavour of a rotten walnut shell. The smoke fades almost completely, like a memory, while coal dust remains. The finish is long and persistent, an echo of all the flavours that have previously beguiled the palate.
Conclusion: This whisky is like a secret that is slowly revealed, showing a new facet of its personality with every sip. It is not for everyone, its potential for conflict in the glass is undeniable - but for those who are ready to embark on the adventure, it offers an unrivalled experience.

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